Leslie Sansone – Older Adults Walk & Firm


Simple & effective walking & firming moves at a safe and comfortable pace. An excellent program for older adults, based on proven firmong exercises that keep muscles strong, boost your metabolism and increase your energy.

Leslie Sansone: Ultimate 5 Day Walk Plan

<p>:PROTECTSTART:8251db95649e552e9ef55f69c7a955da:PROTECTEND:Leslie has planned a full week for you that will get the whole body conditioned in just minutes a day! You don’t have to think about a thing. Just follow the plan and you will fit in the cardio, the strength training, and the flexibility that every “body” needs to get slim and healthy. Each … Continue reading

Start! Walking At Home with Leslie Sansone: Beginner/Intermediate – 1 & 2 Mile Walk

<p>:PROTECTSTART:31690dbeb4d80a560e417ca7f9ccbe58:PROTECTEND:Start your weight loss journey with a walk at home program! ExerciseTV and Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home, in cooperation with the American Heart Association have produced an in-home walking workout that will put you on the path to achieving good heart health! If you’re new to exercising, begin with the gentle-paced, 20 minute – … Continue reading

Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off in 30 Days

<p>:PROTECTSTART:189ae326ce3115622ead28b33c34d7b6:PROTECTEND:Introducing Leslie’s new plan that asks for just 30 minues a day for 30 days to get real results! Imagine increased energy, firmed muscles, improved overall health, and a slimmer, more proportioned you! It’s all possible. Here’s how easy the 30 days will be. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you’ll burn BIG calories as you … Continue reading

Leslie Sansone: Belly Blasting Walk

<p>:PROTECTSTART:7a67744b1787add28f91b7a476750dc6:PROTECTEND:Want a slim, trim tummy? This is the way to get it! Your mid-section is the core of your body and when it’s out of shape it can affect your back, posture, comfort and confidence. So Leslie created this Belly Blasting Walk with everything you need to whittle your waistline, flatten your belly and strengthen … Continue reading